Leadership Powergen Sind Coal Mining

our dynamic leadership is the fuel for our success

At Engro Powergen, our leadership fuels us forward and drives our success. Dynamic, visionary and passionate, our management keeps the Engro Powergen team focused on achieving new milestones and continuing a tradition of excellence that is second to none.

In our quest to become a profitable, growth-oriented and sustainable company, our leadership emphasizes on creating a corporate culture that is transparent, accessible and true to the values and spirit of Engro Powergen.

Board of Directors

our board mirrors our passion

We also rely heavily on the combined expertise, knowledge and skills of our board of directors representing a highly distinguished group of professionals and business leaders, who bring in a wealth of ideas and experience that broaden our scope of operations and help us strengthen governance across the organization.

Committed to our long-term success, our board mirrors our passion and plays a key role in ensuring that all policies and decision making at Engro Powergen are firmly aligned with the company’s strategic vision, mission and growth objectives.

  • Board of Directors – Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited and Thar Power Company Limited
    • Khurshid Anwar Jamali – Chairman
    • Shamsuddin Ahmad Shaikh – Chief Executive Officer
    • Ghias Khan
    • Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani
    • Syed Firdous Shamim Naqvi
    • Khalid Mansoor
    • Mir Hayat Khan
    • Mohammad Sohail Khan Rajput
    • Muhammed Waseem
    • Agha Wasif Abbas

Shareholding Pattern

No. of shares

Government of Sindh:                                  


Engro Powergen Ltd:                                   


Khalid Siraj Subhani                          


Shamsuddin Ahmad Shaikh                             


Dr. Mahesh Kumar Malani                               


Syed Firdous Shamim Naqvi                                                        


Khalid Mansoor                              


Mir Hayat Khan                                                


Mohammad Sohail Khan Rajput                   


Muhammed Waseem                                        


Agha Wasif Abbas                                           


Khurshid Anwar Jamali