Corporate Governance

our values govern the way we do business

The governance framework at EPL is based upon our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and transparency, aligned with the industry’s best practices. At Engro Powergen , we are conscious of the policies, processes and responsibilities that emerge out of our governance structure, and how these guide and control business operations. Every employee at Engro is a part of the governance system and is required to adhere to clearly laid out policies and procedures. EPL governance principles are regulated by openness in corporate affairs and decision making process, which in turn promotes strong employee ownership.

Governance Principles

Our Board of Directors ensures compliance with the ‘Code of Corporate Governance’ – as issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The Code primarily focuses on establishing a system which is based upon openness and transparency in corporate affairs and the decision making process, reiterating our own commitment to make all our business processes open, fair and accountable to all stakeholders.


The following policies encompass some of the different aspects of corporate governance at EPL:

  • Ethics and Business Practices
  • Anti-Restrictive Trade Practices
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Directorships in Other Companies
  • Gifts & Business Entertainment
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Insider Trading
  • Whistleblower Policy – Speak Out